Improved Post Stack Seismic Data Access for Non-Commercial Users

UKOGL have implemented new website features that provide more information about the post stack SEGY data archived in UKOGL and allow direct download from the website.  Non-commercial, including academic, users have the ability to download at no cost and with no paperwork after approval of their status by UKOGL; commercial users will also be able to download directly after agreeing the cost and signing a licensing agreement with UKOGL.

Access to information and available post stack data for individual lines can be made via a new ‘SEGY’ Tab option (1) on the seismic line query pop-up box:

Select the ‘Request Download’ button (2) if only a single line is required or select the ‘Add to Selection’ button (3) to select multiple lines and then access your selection via the ‘Selection’ button (4) on the bottom-left of the map screen

Multiple line selections can be made in a single pass via the ‘Selection’ button (1) (see image below), then using the mouse to select the required seismic lines on the map via the ‘Make Selection’ button (2), up to 100 lines can be selected and requested via the ‘Request Download’ button (3).

Selecting the ‘Request Download’ button creates a ‘pop-up form’ that has to be filled in with details about the request.

For non-commercial requests, select the request type ‘ NON-COMMERCIAL’, enter the requested details and confirm that the data is to be used for non-commercial purposes. Please note that, for simplicity, if only scanned sections are required it is still necessary to request the SEGY first: the scans will be sent with the SEGY, which can be discarded if not required (see below)

By selecting ‘Send Request’ for a non-commercial data request an email will be sent to Beneath Britain for assessment and request approval. Once approved, an email will be sent to the email address supplied on the form that will contain a download link to access the requested data.

Both 2D lines and 3D surveys can be requested as part of your non-commercial request.

For commercial requests select the request type ‘Industry Request’ enter the requested details and confirm the data types to be requested:

After all relevant details have been entered, select ‘Send Request’ to be provided with a quote via return email that will provide a license agreement and details of the cost, based on the revised rates announced in January 2022.  Once signed, they will then be able to output the selected data based upon the details provided in the form.