Academic Support

The Academic Fund

One of the Library’s main objectives is to provide a hub for academic studies on the geology of the UK, promoting research through the provision of seismic data and supplemental resources at zero or minimal cost.

Beneath Britain is a joint initiative between UKOGL and the Department of Earth Sciences at Oxford, led by Malcolm Butler and Joe Cartwright. Its aim is to broaden the use of UKOGL’s database in academic research and teaching, and particularly to encourage new research on any aspect of the subsurface geology of Britain. Publications produced by the Beneath Britain researchers can be found under the “Publications” tab on the UKOGL Home Page.

Academic requests for post stack data can now be made via the UKOGL interactive map and instructions on how to request data for academic pourposes can be found on the UKOGL Blog here.  Post stack seismic data can be selected via the UKOGL Interactive Map and added to a request to download the data. To support each academic request a brief description of the proposed use of the requested data should be included on the data request form. The requested post stack data and supporting statement will be assessed by the Beneath Britain committe and once approved a link to access and download the selected lines will be emailed to the address supplied on the data request form.

For further details regarding academic requests and information please contact a member of the UKOGL team direct or read the UKOGL blog here, more details about Beneath Britain can be found here.

The Schools Project

Developed in conjunction with the University of Derby and funded by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library, the Schools Project provides informative resource materials for the teaching of the principles of seismic interpretation and sub-surface mapping to A-Level students and first-year undergraduates.

The Sub-Surf Rocks website has been developed to best deliver this project and features videos, detailed case studies, downloadable worksheets and seismic sections to help students learn and practice seismic interpretation.

As an supplement to this project, the University of Derby have now developed a new educational and teaching resource ‘Maps and Map Interpretation – An Introduction For Geoscientists’. This is available either as a PowerPoint presentation or as a PDF document with embedded ‘Presenter’ comments and can be downloaded from the “Publications” tab on the UKOGL Home Page..

William ‘Strata’ Smith 

The Strata Smith website is a free-to-all educational resource celebrating the life and achievements of William Smith and has been funded by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library.

Further details can be found under the William Smith tab.