• Onshore Acquisition & Processing Guide, Malcolm Butler, September 2017 – PDF
  • Maps & Map Interpretation – An Introduction for Geoscientists, University of Derby, November 2017 – PDFPowerpoint
  • Butler, M. & Pullan C.P., 1990. Tertiary structures and hydrocarbon entrapment in the Weald Basin of southern England. In Hardman, R.F. & Brooks, J.  (eds).  Tertiary Events Responsible for Britain’s Oil and Gas Reserves. Geological  Society,  London,  Special  Publications,  55,  371-391, Paper
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Beneath Britain

Thumb 050-Seismostratigraphic-analysis-of-Paleozoic-sequences-of-the-Midlands-Microcraton-Jan-2018.pdf 050 Seismostratigraphic analysis of Paleozoic sequences of the Midlands Microcraton Jan 2018.pdf application/pdf

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1.86 MB21 February 2024
Thumb 051-Paleozoic-gas-potential-in-the-Weald-Basin-of-southern-England-Jan-2018.pdf 051 Paleozoic gas potential in the Weald Basin of southern England Jan 2018.pdf application/pdf

Open Download Copy Link 2.82 MB 21 February 2024
2.82 MB21 February 2024
Thumb 100-Gravity-modelling-across-Granite-Batholiths-East-Midlands-Shelf-Donato-Feb-2020.pdf 100 Gravity modelling across Granite Batholiths East Midlands Shelf Donato Feb 2020.pdf application/pdf

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1.13 MB7 February 2024
Thumb 200-Gravity-modelling-Solway-Basin-Northumberland-Trough-Donato-Aug-2020.pdf 200 Gravity modelling Solway Basin Northumberland Trough Donato Aug 2020.pdf application/pdf

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1.1 MB7 February 2024
Thumb 300-Eastern-extension-of-SW-England-Pullan-and-Donato-Jan-2022.pdf 300 Eastern extension of SW England Pullan and Donato Jan 2022.pdf application/pdf

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2.05 MB7 February 2024
Thumb 400-Deep-structure-of-England-from-GravMag-Profiling-Donato-and-Pullan-Oct-2022.pdf 400 Deep structure of England from GravMag Profiling Donato and Pullan Oct 2022.pdf application/pdf

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6.44 MB7 February 2024
Thumb 500-Moho-topography-beneath-England-and-regional-gravity-Donato-Pullan-and-Dimotropoulos-Sept-2023.pdf 500 Moho topography beneath England and regional gravity Donato Pullan and Dimotropoulos Sept 2023.pdf application/pdf

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2.92 MB7 February 2024
Thumb 600-A-Critical-Evaluation-of-the-Hydrogen-Storage-Potential-in-the-Cousland-Gas-Field-Midland-Valley-of-Scotland-Jan-2024.pdf 600 A Critical Evaluation of the Hydrogen Storage Potential in the Cousland Gas Field Midland Valley of Scotland Jan 2024.pdf application/pdf

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4.25 MB21 February 2024