Data Licensing

In addition to the free seismic images provided through the Interactive Map, UKOGL offers two commercial access levels to its digital seismic archive, Full Licence and Reconnaissance Licence.

Whilst the Full Rate is applicable to any purchases of data over a clients active Exploration Licence, the Reconnaissance Rate provides a more economic limited short term access, designed to provide real assistance to companies in the early phases of exploration, especially for those seeking to work up new plays and new areas of the UK.

All seismic data supplied is subject to a Licence Fee (except where Entitlement is recognised) and Output costs, as follows:

Licence Fees

Onshore and Transition Zone Seismic Data Price Per km/km²
Full Licence Fee £42.50
Reconnaissance Licence Fee £7.50 (*)
JV or Group Member Escalation Fee.
Academic Requests within the UK and the European Community (subject to assessment) No Charge

Output and Media Charges

 Format Charge
Digital post stack data, per version – 2D £3.00 per km
Scanned seismic sections, per version – 2D £2.00 per km
Digital post stack data, per version – 3D £5.00 per km²
Digital field data – 2D £0.30 per MB
Digital field data – 3D £5.00 per km² (**)
Scanned acquisition reports £35.00 per line
Digital line location data (UKOOA) Free with licensed data
Part line editing, per splice £25.00 / splice
UKOGL compiled Regional Profile digital post stack data £1000.00 per profile
Operator compiled Regional Profile digital post stack data £500.00 per profile
Media and Delivery Charges Cost plus 10%

(**) Subject to a minimum output charge of £400.00 per request

(All costs exclude VAT)

Full Licence Details

  • Applicable: All seismic surveys as held by The Library
  • Cost: £42.50 per km/ km²
  • Duration: No Limitation
  • Terms: Existing License Agreement allowing entitlement rights to utilisation of the data
  • Full access to all pre and post stack data
  • If any seismic line purchased, either wholly or partly, falls within an active licence operated by either the licensee or associated group member, then the entire line as purchased will be liable to the full license rate.
  • Full-Licence – Sample Full-Licence (PDF Document)

Reconnaissance Licence Details

  • Applicable: Seismic surveys located wholly outside of the boundary of any existing PEDL or other exploration and production license as held by the Purchaser or associated Group member.
  • Cost: £7.50 per km/ km²
  • Terms: Limited sub-license access to post stack data only, conveying no rights of ownership over the seismic data and restricted to the following options
  • Options : The limited license can be upgraded at any time to a full license by the payment of an additional £35 per km/km².
  • (*) In the event that a Exploration Licence is awarded to the Purchaser or associate Group member the Purchaser must commit to making a further payment of £35 per km/ km² as an upgrade to a full license in respect of all seismic data subject to the limited license and which lie within the boundaries of the Exploration Licence.
    For those licensees who have purchased data prior to March 18th 2009 and have been invoiced at the previous Reconnaissance rate of £25 per km/km², under the same terms as above of an Exploration Licence being awarded, the Purchaser must commit to making a further payment of £17.50 per km/ km² as an upgrade to a full license.
    Please see Supplemental Details.
  • Reconnaissance-Licence Sample Reconnaissance Licence (PDF Document)

Supplemental Details

Where the above terms call for payments to be made on award of an Exploration Licence, relinquishments or other such actions, the Purchaser will undertake to inform the Library as soon as is practicable of such actions which are of relevance to the agreements with the Library.