Regional Study – Report Release

New Regional Study Release

UKOGL are pleased to be able to release and make available a new regional report that utilises the seismic images that are freely available on the UKOGL website. The independent report: The Value of UKOGL Seismic Lines in major engineering projects: The HS2 High-Speed Rail Project by Robin Grayson demonstrates the potential value of the seismic data that is archived and held by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library in planning large engineering projects in the UK.

The Value of UKOGL Seismic Lines in major engineering projects: The HS2 High-Speed Rail Project by Robin Grayson

UKOGL data is available for use by all interested parties, not just educational and commercial organisations but also the general public. In this case, the seismic lines show elements of the underlying deep geological structure that can have a large influence on the stability of major construction work and it is very encouraging to see our data utilised in this manner.

The report can be accessed either via the ‘Supplemental Resources’ side panel on the UKOGL home page, followed by selecting the ‘Regional and Government Studies’ link and then the  ‘Northern England’ option, or by using the ‘Catch All Reports Search’ icon on the UKOGL interactive map and clicking on the map over the Manchester area.

Industry Reports – Latest Release

A small batch of new Industry reports have been made available on the UKOGL webite, the Field Development Plans have been made available and released with the agreement of the Oil & Gas Authority.

Calow Field Development Plan

The latest released reports are located over PL213 (Calow), DL004 (Albury), PEDL068 (Kirkleatham) & PEDL141 (Nooks Farm) and can be downloaded from the UKOGL website either by the ‘Industry Activity Reports’ tab or the search facility on the interactive map.

UKOGL – Lynx Interactive 3D ‘Cube’ Viewer – Wytch Farm 3D survey

Following on from the release of the OGA onshore seismic data
packages, Lynx Information Systems have updated the seismic viewer for the
Wytch Farm 3D seismic data in the Anglo Paris Basin data package.

The 3D Seismic data can now be viewed as a ‘Cube’ using iSeisview.

The new viewer is enabled by default and provides an interactive 3D cube perspective view of the survey, allowing zoom and rotation to view inline and crossline profiles from any angle, with a choice of display styles and scales.

You can try out the new 3D viewer here

Wytch Farm 3D – iSeisview form Lynx

For more information about the Anglo Paris Basin data seismic data please contact UKOGL

If you have any questions about the viewer and its implementation then please contact Lynx.

2019 Seismic Release

With the turning of the year, a number of seismic surveys are now eligible for archive and release. These incorporate two 2D surveys acquired during 2014 over Cheshire and East Yorkshire along with three 3D surveys from 2013-14 acquired over East Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Dorset.

Prospex 2018

We will be exhibiting at the upcoming PESGB Prospex Conference to be held at the Business Design Centre Islington on December 12th & 13th 2018.

We hope that you can visit us at Booth Number 6 where representatives of the UKOGL Trustees along with the Lynx Administration Team would very much welcome the opportunity to meet you and provide details of our current activities and the wide range of resources that the Library has to offer.

Field & Prospect Wide Reports

We have recently added a new resource as extracted from the historic BP archives.

An extensive series of Field and Prospect wide reports dating from the 1930’s to the 1960’s are now available through the UKOGL website. Access can be found either by querying indidual Fields or Wells on the Interactive Map or via the Industry Activity Reports link on the home page. Reports have been uploaded for:

Undrilled Historic Prospects

We are pleased to announce the addition of  a unique new resource derived from the historic BP Archives.

The ‘Undrilled Historic Prospects’ layer displays the locations of past exploration proposals that were not pursued at the time, whilst also providing access to the recommendations and supplementary documentation put forward during the original assessments.

Bath Spa Seismic

The Bath Spa Geothermal Project was commissioned by Bath & NE Somerset council in 1999. As part of the work to gain an enhanced understanding and management of the hot springs that flow into the city, a new seismic survey was designed to investigate the deep geology of the Bath area with special emphasis on the Carboniferous Limestone, the thermal water aquifer.

A total of 6 new 2D seismic lines (20.64 km) were shot in and around the city centre and both the Pre Stack and Processed data sets have been provided for the UKOGL archives.

UKOGL would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Bath & NE Somerset Council for granting permission for this key data set to be made available through the Library.

OGA 31st Round – Blocks Offered – Onshore Seismic Data

Following on from the Oil & Gas Authority launch of the 31st Offshore Licensing Round, a number of the offshore blocks offered in this round are located ‘near-shore’ adjacent to areas that have onshore seismic coverage available from UKOGL.

Recorded for the exploration of oil, gas and coal, the data sets include both onshore, transition zone and offshore surveys adjacent to or over the blocks offered.

The coal data is available to be licensed through UKOGL under agreement with the BGS and The Coal Authority.

Please contact either UKOGL direct or use our online interactive map and viewer for more information or to compile a data request.

The maps below displays the areas of onshore data located adjacent to the blocks on offer.

BP Archives – Well Reports

With work on the BP Well Reports donation close to completion we have started to identify items new to the national archives and make them available through the on-line map.

Under agreement, these presently just relate to the older vintage wells as curated by the BGS but do offer an extensive resource dating back to the earliest days of the onshore exploration industry.

This will be an ongoing upload over the coming months and therefore to assist with the identification of wells with related items we have added an extended Filtering Function to the Wells layers as illustrated below.